About Us


Geenet was started in 2014 from a simple idea of connecting foreign residents working and living in Singapore to their loved ones back home. With an initial starting base of 500 foreign workers in Singapore, Geenet introduced wireless internet services enabling them to connect back home economically and efficiently.

Today, Geenet’s Managed Wifi Service caters to 10,000s of foreign residents providing them access to video streaming services, video calls to their loved ones and friends back home, and an avenue to connect to the world.

As a startup, we are constantly working hard to acquire knowledge, test new technologies and improve all aspects of our service to customers. As an IMDA Licensed Services-Based Operator, we adhere to local regulations and compliance to provide a broad spectrum of wifi solutions to different organisational sizes and environments. We have also built a dedicated cloud based CRM sales system and consumer sales team just for high density environments.

Having gained specific and extensive efficiencies in high density deployments, we are able to implement new projects rapidly and cost effectively. Our consumer sales, customer service and network operations teams manage thousands of customers and wifi access points at any point of time.


  • Network focus and operational expertise; proven track record designing, building and operating wireless networks in high-density venues.
  • Strategic partnerships with Tier 1 local ISPs for enterprise WiFi support and solutions
  • 50% of full-time staff dedicated to development, technology and Managed WiFi services
  • Invest in R&D and new technologies to ensure networks are designed to meet data demands of the future.