Our Services


Engage Geenet to assess your environment and business needs. Leveraging on our team’s deep domain knowledge and experience, Geenet will put together a complete end-to-end solution to deliver an optimum WiFi experience for your users.

Geenet’s scale of projects ranges from micro-level deployments for locations with handfuls of access points, to large complex environments with thousands of access points.

Our comprehensive expertise includes project management, network design and deployment, and full managed services, so that you can focus on your core business while assured of the best-in-class WiFi connectivity.


If you are offering hospitality services, Geenet provides an extensive WiFi backbone comprising of leading-edge hardware and software solutions for your environment, delivering a seamless and consistent wireless experience for your guests and internal users.

Our expertise includes the design of your personalized WiFi guest portal that would elevate the awareness for your brand, as well as to keep your guests updated on the latest promotions and offers.

Geenet’s team of customer support specialists is readily available round-the-clock to provide assistance whenever help is needed, so you can rest assured that your WiFi infrastructure is well supported 24/7.


Geenet’s team of network specialists comes with hundreds of man-years of wireless networking experience. As part of our WiFi Network Design & Advisory Services, Geenet provides best-in-class consultancy services to help your organization design and build a highly optimized yet cost effective wireless network for your environment.